“As your third eye opens, the truth seems to unfold by itself.”

Beatrice Crassus

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Today we’ll be talking about the third eye chakra. You’ve probably heard about the third eye before but if you’re like the majority of people, without really understanding what it’s all about. In this post I will try to answer all the questions you may have about third eye, chakras and Pineal gland in the simplest way possible.

I firmly believe anything can and should be simplified, so that it could be understood by everyone. If you would like me to elaborate on any aspect of the subject, leave a message below and I will more than happy to do so.

Let’s get started !


The third eye has been assigned many meanings from many sources. It’s quite hard to understand who is right and who’s not so for this description I will focus on the aspect that all the theories have in common.

The third eye represent a gate to what some call a higher conscience. It is linked with idea of enlightenment and considered the source to any extrasensory ability, like the ability to “see” the energy or the aura. There are theories that are more conservative and describe it as the source of concentration and intuition. The popular belief is that it’s placed right in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows.


The third eye chakra represents our ability to see, but in a broader sense than what we are used to.

In fact, it represents our sight as much as our intuition, our wisdom our ability to understand. It’s definitely a Chakra that is connected to our spiritual side more than our physical one and it represents our ability to see beyond the physical.

Every time you have a good or bad sensation about a certain situation, you have no logical proof but you KNOW it to be true you’re using your third eye chakra.

Every time you feel or perceive that something bad happened to someone close to you (again, against all logic ) and it turns out to be true you’re using your third eye chakra.

Every time you KNOW something will happen and it does you’re using your third eye chakra.

These are just simplified examples, as mentioned before the third eye chakra is far from any physical/logical thing and that makes it difficult to explain what it is in words. Each one of us have an intuition, some more developed than others so the examples could be endless.



The Pineal gland is located on the brain. It’s very small, just 2cm of diameter and it helps regulate our bio rhythm such as for example our sleep pattern.

It took me long time to actually understand what’s the connection between the Pineal gland and this particular chakra,apart from the fact that they share the same location.

As mention above the gland is a part of our body and it controls our physical side while the third eye chakra is purely spiritual, it’s the bridge between us and the universe or divine. At the first glance this two didn’t seem to have much in common.

Going a bit deeper with my researches I found out that the Pineal gland has been object of interest for a thousand of years. Before science developed enough to understand how it works it was believed to be the gate to a higher conscience, in fact the same gland was represented by the Egyptians as the eye of RA or in the earliest representation of the Buddha in India.

The biggest link is in the fact that the Pineal gland releases DTM, It’s a neurotransmitter that could be considered the bridge between physical and spiritual and it’s the cause of dreams .


When the third eye chakra is blocked we don’t see anything that goes beyond the physical, we don’t have any kind of spirituality and we struggle to have a vision for our future and to work towards it.

When the chakra is overactive we create fantasies or illusion that become our realities. We don’t see things as they truly are and this could be really dangerous .


When the third eye chakra is balanced our life is too. We can clearly distinguish reality from fantasy and we can take strong actions to achieve our goals.


The best methods to open this chakra are : Meditation, aroma therapy and essential oils.


I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a challenging topic for me as for many years I couldn’t understand it myself.

As always I would appreciate any suggestion, comment or feedback you may have, tomorrow I’ll be writing about the crown chakra,the last one!

Until then,


Heal your throat​ chakra with crystals

“The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it’s the most difficult to play”

Richard Strauss


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Today we’ll be talking about the throat chakra and how you can use crystals to balance it. I love everything about crystals, I love exploring the different meaning and properties they have and having them around. I’ll be explaining what the throat Chakra is all about, how crystals work and how to use them. Let’s get started!


The throat Chakra is obviously placed near the throat. It’s directly connected to our voice and what it represents: our ability to communicate .

In the previous posts we talked about how the second and third chakra are connected to our emotions and who we are, this Chakra is connected to how we communicate this to the rest of the world. How do we talk about our core value? Do we speak up for our self?

The interesting thing is that any form of communication (not just the voice) is connected to this chakra,so for example music, writing, movements everything that we project outside it’s part of it.


I am originally Italian and in my language we say we have the word stuck in our throat when strong emotions stops us from expressing our self. This is exactly what happens when the throat chakra is blocked, we can’t communicate our feelings, we let other people take over us, we fight back the tears .

Another example of an imbalance throat chakra can be seen when an artistic person gets stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy him or her, we have all been in that situation where we feel like our dreams are unreachable and the safest thing to do is the best thing to do, so we go for a 9 to 5 job and follow the mass, we are happy for a while and then turn miserable.

This feeling is caused by an unused potential, our emotions needs to be expressed, our artistic side demands to be shared and blocking this inputs can be really bad for our general well-being.


On the other hand when our Throat Chakra is in balance we find it very easy to be honest and communicate with others, we listen and respect other people opinion but we are not afraid to fight to defend ours.

Being able to communicate successfully makes us more confident and happy and it improves our relationships as we no longer hold grudges in silence, we talk openly about things looking for the best solution to benefit everyone.


The use of crystals for healing proposes have very ancient roots, even tough it has never been scientifically proven that crystal can influence the body, many people use them regularly with great results.

The theory is that crystals, like the chakras have an energy force, when the Chkara get in contact with the right combination of crystal it opens releasing more energy that then flows all over our body.

I don’t expect you to believe it but I have always been of the opinion that there’s no harm in trying, if you do and then decide it’s not for you, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll end up with some pretty stones you can use as decorations !



There are two main ways you can use crystals to heal your throat chakra, the first one is to wear them as jewelry, obviously a necklace would be the best option, the second way is to place them on your throat during your meditation practicing focusing on the feeling of the stones on your skin and imaging its vibration healing you.

The best crystal to use are :

  • Amazonite
  • Lapislazuli
  • Turquoise
  • Aquamarine

You’ve probably noticed they are all blue/light blue crystal, this is not a coincidence as it’s the same color this particular Chakra is represented with.


The best alternative remedy is silence. I know that it may seem weird as I just explained how the throat Chakra is all about communication but taking some time to silence the voices in your head and listen to your REAL voice, the inner one, is extremely beneficial.

Sometimes we don’t express our self because we are not sure of who we are or because we don’t believe in our self enough. Taking time to listen and accept our essence will allow you to communicate it to the world late!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, tomorrow I’ll be writing about the third eye chakra.




Yoga for the heart Chakra

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Here we are again, talking about Chakras! If you don’t know what a Chakra is make sure you read my post about it

On the first Chakra


Third :

Today we’ll be talking about the fourth, the heart chakra. If you read the introductory post you should remember how Both the first Chakra and the first layer of the aura are closer to the body and they represent the material aspect of our self and our life. The third chakra was the first to represent something more spiritual and the more we’ll go on and the more the Chakras will be connected with higher and more spiritual aspect of what we are.


Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise but it represent love. It’s situated in the middle of our chest and it’s connected to many positive emotions such as unconditional love, for other people and for our self, happiness, calmness and forgiveness, it allows us to develop deep and meaningful relationships with other people. It’s also connected to many negative emotions such as pain and that brokenhearted feeling we all had at some point in our life.



We all know that someone ( that could easily be our self) that completely close them self to love and other people as a defense mechanism. Well, that’s what happens when our Heart Chakra is not in balance, maybe we project past disappointments in every new potential partner we meet, or we just give up on love because deep down we feel like we don’t really deserve it .

Sometimes people with a blocked root chakra are in a relationship but they can’t enjoy it because of their jealousy and resentment, they don’t trust the partner and they have a hard time forgiving and letting themselves go.

Problems with the heart chakra can cause huge problems in relationship and this starts a domino effect that impacts our self-worth.


When we are in balance we have healthy fulfilling relationships with everyone around us ( family friends and partner) People will still hurt you sometimes but if you’re in balance and love yourself you will be calmer and it will be easier for you to either forgive or move on with a grateful heart, ready to find the person that will really appreciate you and confident that you will because you appreciate yourself in the first place.



Yoga and the chakra are definitely intertwined, practicing Yoga and meditation regularly will improve your balance in every aspect of your life.

Here are the best Yoga poses to balance your Heart Chakra.


This pose will open your chest and strengthen your core

  • start lying down with your stomach resting on the mat, your elbow are bent and the hands are at the sides of the chest.
  • Inhale and pull yourself up using your arms
  • keep your gaze forward
  • open the shoulders and the chest
  • breath
  • come back down on your mat



  • Start in table-top position your hands directly below your shoulders, maintaining a straight back
  • inhale and lower your belly facing up
  • exhale rounding your back looking down
  • repeat 4 to 5 times


This pose is a bit more challenging but it’s great to open your chest

  • Start on your knees
  • supporting your back with your hand start bending your upper body backwards
  • if possible, touch your feet with your hands
  • breath



The best remedy to open your heart chakra is to practice acceptance and forgiveness. Every time you react in a positive way to a negative event you’re rewiring your brain and adopting a new behavior pattern.

Other remedies can me meditation, chanting and herbs.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, I would love to hear your comments, feedback or request.




“Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you”

Maori proverb

Today we will be talking about the solar plexus Chakra, third of the list and first of the second group, the group doesn’t represent the physical world but the spiritual one.

If you don’t know what a Chakra is check out my post about it:

For the first Chakra:

For the second Chakra:

This Chakra is situated in the upper part of the belly in correspondence with the diaphragm and its energy is associated with the ego.


Every Chakra is important but this one can really affect our level of success in our life.

This chakra is connected with every aspect of the intellect, it influences our will power, mental abilities, judgment, confidence and general personality. The thing that surprised me the most while I was studying it, it’s that it’s directly connected with our ability to make good decision

It also influences the body, in particular our metabolism and digestive system.


When this Chakra is not balanced we may experience low self-esteem, we may find our self making the wrong decision or running away from situations.

This Chakra could be what’s in the way between you and achieving your goals. If you’re very ambitious but always find yourself struggling to accomplish what you set your mind to, you may want to dedicate some time to analyze your decision-making abilities’ and develop your Solar Plexus Chakra.

When the third chakra is over active it can cause emotional outburst, lack of self-control and high stress levels

When it’s clogged we become very passive and lethargic, we don’t take responsibilities for our actions and let life push us around.


When the solar plexus chakra is activated you will find yourself having the courage to face your fears, to speak up for yourself, fight for what you want and have a strong will power and discipline.

When the third Chakra is in a good condition our financial, love and work situation is in balance too, we become stable, mature and grounded people ready to take over the world!


Who doesn’t love food? It’s always nice to have an excuse to eat !

It may sound weird that something physical like food can influence something as spiritual and invisible like the chakra.

The truth is that nutrition influences everything! Have you ever tried eating a large amount of greasy, unhealthy food just to find yourself become sad, anxious irritable or depressed?

Or maybe, can you recall a time when you switched to a completely healthy diet and not only your energy level but also your mood, emotions and decision-making process were positively influenced by it?

If the answer to this two questions is yes, then you already have the proof the right food could unblock your solar plexus chakra.

So, which food is the best choice to help you through this journey?

  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Corn




And as always drinking plenty of water will definitely help.


As this Chakra is connected with the element of fire, heath will always be beneficial to it. Take a walk outside when it’s sunny and warm, book a spa day and detox yourself in the sauna or if not possible just take a warm bath.

Other remedies can be Essential oils and the use of Crystals .

I really hope you enjoyed this post, which food does usually have a positive influence on your mood or emotions?

Make sure you leave a comment below, they’re always welcome. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the fourth Chakra, until then


Balance your sacral chakra with essential oils

“Many of us pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that we hurry past it.”

Søren Kierkegaard

Here we are again, third day into our Chakra week. Today I’ll be talking about the second chakra also called Sacral because of its position.

If you have missed my introductory article about Chakras and Aura here is the link: Chakras and Aura

I have picked essential oils as a theme for this post because they are extremely effective in balancing this particular Chakra and I truly enjoy using them myself.


We already talked about what Chakras actually are and about the fact that each one represent certain areas of what we are ( our body, needs, emotions, personality, spirituality and relationship)

The sacral Chakra It’s placed in the lower stomach and the correspondent color is orange. Together with the root Chakra it belongs to the first group, the one that is connected to the earth, the body, the physical world. While the first Chakra represent the body and its basic needs the second represent the need for enjoyment and pleasure. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this is the chakra that’s linked with sexuality .

It ‘s still connected to emotions and feeling like the first one but it broadens into any emotion that is not internal but caused by the people that surround us.



As previously explained Chakras allow energy to flow within our body and between us and the universe. When a Chakra is imbalanced, every aspect of our life is affected.

This particular Chakra represent equilibrium and sexuality. When it’s imbalanced we feel low self-esteem, shame and guilt. It can also cause sexual problems, hypersensitive feelings, kidney diseases and problems with blood circulation.
If it’s over active it can cause extremely selfish and superficial behaviors such as seeking pleasure for the sake of it without having any real connection with other people, while if it’s blocked it will cause problems such as social anxiety and extreme introversion, closing yourself to others to the point of not enjoying other people company anymore.

There’s no need to be alarmed, no one is perfect and we all have different personalities, if you truly enjoy spending time by yourself it doesn’t mean you have to change. You will notice when your Chakras are out of balance when your behaviors give you negative emotions, if you feel good about what you’re doing then keep going!


Essential oils can really help balance your sacral chakra,not many people know that they have a subtle vibration that can influence our energy. I find using them an enjoyable and relaxing experience that positively influence my mood. You can use them on the body, cook with them or for aroma therapy The best oils you can use are:

  • Ginger
  • orange
  • rose
  • Melissa
  • Valerian

You can make a game out of it finding different techniques every day to implement this oils in your diet or routine.

After a few weeks you should notice differences in your mood and behavior patterns.


Another effective remedy is to practice meditation with the aids of crystals, simply lie down, close your the crystal just underneath the stomach and breath focusing on the sensation.

The best crystal to use are:

  • Carnelian
  • Citrine
  • Orange Calcite
  • Milky Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Selenite

Nutrition is always important, the food that can help an imbalanced Sacral Chakra are:

  • Almonds
  • Cinnamon
  • Strawberries
  • Melon
  • Coconut
  • Oranges
  • Mandarins
  • And drinking plenty of Water

I hope you enjoyed this post, as always I would really appreciate any comment, feedback or request you have. Tomorrow I will write about the third Chakra,until then




Root Chakra, What it’s the meaning and how can we balance it

“Maybe you’re searching among the branches ,

for what only appears in the roots:”


As promised here’s the first post of the Chakra series, If you want to read my introductory post about Chakras and Aura here’s the link : pureyogas-Chakras and Aura

Today’s post is about the first Chakra: the Muladhara.


As previously discussed Chakras allows energy to flow within our body and they are the key that connect it the universal energy. A simple way of explaining how they work is to compare them to power adapter, the energy passes through them and it’s converted allowing life to flow. If one of the chakras is blocked and this energy can’t pass freely and both our body and our mind will suffer .

It is placed at the base of our spine and it represents the earth and the roots. As a tree we also have roots that are very important for our balance and life for example :our core values, who we are, our basic needs and our body.


The root chakra is connected to the first layer of our aura, they both represent what is closest to our physical body, for example our instincts, survival needs and sexual function. Every instinct, every physical need is connected and influenced by the root chakra.


First of all, Chakras are not light switch that can be turned on and off by and self-proclaimed guru out there, o not trust anyone that declare them self able to “open ” your chakra because it’s practically impossible for it to be completely closed.

Don’t be alarmed if you see yourself in any of the following descriptions, no one is perfect and we are all in some ways Imbalanced. Understanding our areas of improvements tough can be useful and there are ways to improve the flow of energy.

Problems such as addition, financial instability anxiety and sexual dysfunction can be caused by a blocked root chakra.Aggressive,cynical,materialistic and greedy behaviors can be sign of an overactive Root chakra.

When it is in perfect Balance we feel safe, stable and full of energy.


There are many ways to balance your root chakras, just pick the one you’re more drawn to.


food that can help you find your balance are:

  • Apples
  • raspberry
  • beans
  • cherries
  • strawberry
  • pomegranate
  • watermelon
  • radish


The root chakra is deeply connected to our senses in particular the sense of smell, so aromatherapy is an easy and enjoyable way to balance it


There are many Yoga positions that can help you achieve balance in your root Chakra, the most popular are:



  • starting from mountain pose inhale reaching for the sky
  • Exhale reaching forward, maintain a straight back
  • fall all the way down, your hands touching the floor if possible of your knees
  • breath


  • Start from mountain pose.the left leg moves back, foot slightly bent outwards
  • the right leg bends too
  • engage your core maintaining a straight back, hands reaching for the sky
  • breath




  • start on your knees
  • sit on your heels
  • hands reaching forward, you should feel a deep stretch in your back
  • relax and breath



  • start in a seated position, crossed legged. Use a cushion if you feel uncomfortable
  • shift your focus on your breathing
  • try to block every thought from entering your mind, some thought will inevitably arise, just acknowledge it and let it go
  • once your mind is clear imagine a red flower at the base of your spine, it could be a lotus or any other flower.
  • Keep visualizing this flower and breathing

Another great way of balancing your first chakra is doing a grounding activity, anything that puts you back in contact with nature of with your body, for example hiking, exercising, cooking or any activity you truly enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it is obviously a simplified interpretation of a very deep and ancient subject but it should be enough to clarify the most common misconceptions

As always feel free to leave a comment, feedback or request below, they’re always welcome.

Tomorrow I will be writing about the second chakra,until then







Auras and Chakras, are they real, what is their meaning?

“The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.”

Lucian Freud

We have all heard about Chakras and aura before, but for many people this words represent something mystical and hard to understand. I have been into Yoga for more than ten years but I have had a hard time accepting the existence of chakras as I always thought of it as a new age urban legend. After studying them I have understood that Learning about chakra and auras is vital if you want to achieve a higher level of self awareness,knowing more about them means knowing how life works, how energy moves and what is our role in this universe.

Is it an Urban legend or is it real?

There are many misconceptions regarding the subject, it has been talked about for more than 6000 years but for the most part modern science doesn’t believe in chakra or particularly care about them. In the 90s a professor at The St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, named Konstantin Korotkov made an interesting discovery.

He did an experiment using a GVC machine to measure the bio-energy that we give off, using a small electrical charge applied to the fingertips.

He found 7 main energy point that perfectly correspond with the locations of the 7 chakras in our body.

I am not a scientist but I have to admit that after trying chakras specific meditations and Yoga poses I had huge improvements in certain areas of my life I was struggling with. You don’t have to believe in them but it doesn’t hurt to find out a bit more about what they are and what is their meaning.


What are the Chakras?

Chakra are nothing but transmitters of the frequency of our Chi or Prana ,which means energy .

If functioning properly they allow the connection between our energy and the universal one and within the body itself.


The same energy is also connected to our aura, every living thing has one. It is made of an ionized part of matter, usually non visible at the naked eye.

The aura is formed of 7 layers. Every layer has a different density, color and shape and function.

The first layer is easier to see, it is attached to our body expanding from it for about 2-3 cm. It usually has a white/light blue color.

If you want to try to see your aura check out my post about it :

How to see the aura.


What is their meaning?

The seven main layers of the aura (there are actually over 50) correspond to the 7 chakras in our body .

First Layer – Etheric Body

This layer is the closest to our body, so it makes sense that it represent everything that has to do with it ( muscles, bones etc)

It represents vitality and strength and it’s stronger in athletes or physically fit people.

Connected with the first Chakra (Root)

Second Layer- Emotional Body

The second layer represent our emotions, it changes color based on our mood, it is still possible to see it but it takes a lot more practice compared to the first layer.

This layer gives us the ability to have desires and emotions and imagination.

Connected with the second Chakra-Sacral

Third Layer – Mental Body

This layer is connected with ego, thoughts, state of mind and personal power.

It is more develop in people that has a very active mind, it’s color is bright yellow and it usually shines brighter in the upper body, especially around the head.

Connected with the third Chakra ( Solar Plexus)

Fourth Layer- Astral Body

It is deeply connected with the feeling of love. It’s color is pink or light red, it becomes stronger when in a happy relationship and it can become really weak during breakups .

This layer can be considered like a bridge between the first three (lower vibrations, connected to our physical aspects) and the last three (higher vibrations, connected to our spiritual side)

Connected with the fourth Chakra (Heart)

Fifth Layer – Etheric Double

This layer is connected with some aspects of the physical body, it’s called double because it’s like a mirror of the ether layer.

Basically it’s connected with the same aspects but in a deeper way, in fact it doesn’t just represent all of what the physical body is, but also what we create with it ( our personality, our identity, who we are)

That’s why this layer is stronger in people that are very self-aware and confident in who they are. It is also connected with the truth.

Connected with the fifth chakra- throat

Sixth Layer- Celestial Body

This layer represent enlightenment, reaching a higher level of knowledge and wisdom. The previous level was connected to love, any kind of love. This layer is where UNCONDITIONAL love flows, this is where the emotion ob being one with our loved ones or with humanity lies.

If you are a spiritual person you probably have a more developed Celestial Body, it doesn’t have anything to do with a specific religion, it’s more of a feeling than a belief.

Connected with the sixth Chakra (Third eye)

Seventh Layer- Ketheric Template

This layer represent the universal consciousness it contains ll the experiences or lesson that we had during our life, or, as some believe our past lives too.

This level is where we become one with the universe.

Connected with the seventh Chakra -Crown

I hope you enjoyed this post I could have been 100 pages long but I tried to keep it as short and as simple as possible.

One of the reasons why there are many misconceptions out there about Chakras and auras is that they are usually explained in a very complicated way and it’s hard to believe in what we don’t understand.

I will be writing about the subject in the next few weeks dedicating a post for each Chakra/Level and inserting easy exercises you can do to develop them, keep an eye on this page as I’ll keep adding links to them.

As always I would really appreciate any comment, question or request you have.





Can I learn to see the aura?

Yes you can!

This is not a political campaign but the answer to a very common question, can I learn to see the aura?

If you want to learn more about Aura and Chakra check out my post about it :  Chakras and Aura,what are they?

Do I need special abilities?

No, you don’t, everyone can see the aura. Like everything in life all it takes is time, effort and dedication!

As discussed in my previous post about Aura and Chakra the aura has 7 layers, the first one is the easiest to see as it is the closest to our body and it has the highest density.

Before you start just remember to be patient, trust the process and keep an open mind, if you follow these pointers you will be able to see your own aura and the one of other people reaching a new lever of understanding.

How can I see the aura?

It’s actually a very easy process,

  • if you want to try with another person just make sure they are in front of a completely white background, while if you want to test it on yourself just use your hand. Any white background will do, usually a wall is the easiest solution.
  • If you’re trying to see someone else’s aura turn off the light, place a light on the ground and move away from them of at least 3 meters.
  • The technique itself is just to clear your mind as much as you can and stare at your hand or the other person silhouette .
  • Do not focus on the subject but try to focus on the background itself.
  • The more you relax the better.
  • After a while, you should be able to see a light blue light around the subject

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away, as mentioned above it’s a process.

As always feel free to leave a message, question or comment below, I am very curios to see how you find this technique


Best advanced Yoga balance poses- Find your balance through Yoga

“Maintain a state of balance between physical acts and inner serenity, like a lute whose strings are finely tuned.”

Gautama Buddha



yoga is great for many things but today we are going to focus on balance. Balance is one of the most important things in life we talked about it in my post about yin Yoga.

As previously explained yin and yang don’t just represent good and bad but the balance between every opposition in nature: light and darkness, movement and stillness, hard and soft and so on.

We need balance in our life, spirit, mind and body and yoga is one of the best ways to obtain that.

Benefits of developing our balance

Balance comes from strengths and using Yoga this pose wills strengthen and shape your muscles helping during your weight loss journey and flexibility too.

Practicing this poses will also give you a calm, centered and relaxed feeling.

When you start Doing Yoga you enter a self-discovering process, our body strengthen, we find a new connection between our breath flow and our movements and we increase our general fitness level.

After a few years it’s quite common to look for something more, a new challenge for our body and mind.

These Yoga poses are perfect for an intermediate – advanced level and they’re all bout Balance!

Best Advanced poses


This pose will strengthen the arms as they will be carrying all the body weight, it also engages the core and legs.

  • Start in all fours
  • bring your feet as close as you can to the arms
  • slightly bend the arms
  • round the upper back and shift all the weight on hands and arms
  • keep your gaze on the mat
  • raise the left leg and then, when you feel confident slowly lift the right one too
  • Your knees should be placed on your biceps
  • the body will feel very heavy, I suggest listening to it, do not hold the pose for too long.
  • If you feel ready straighten the arms
  • hold for 5-10 seconds


This is another great pose to achieve arm strength and definition as well as train the oblique abdominal.

  • Starts In mountain pose, feet together standing straight
  • Bend the knees and sit on the heels
  • place the arms to the right side
  • Keep them at shoulder width apart
  • slowly move the legs closer to the right arms
  • press your left knee against the right arm while the hips are resting on the left arm
  • bring all the hip weight onto the left arm, adjust the position if you can’t reach it properly
  • slowly rise the left foot and when you feel ready follow with the right one
  • keep the knees bent
  • hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side


This pose focuses more on the lower body strengthening the legs and glutes.

  • Start in mountain pose
  • slowly lean forward, keeping the back straight
  • extend the arm as much as you can
  • as your  back falls lift the left leg
  • find the balance your feet, legs and arms should be forming a perfect straight line
  • hold for a couple of breaths
  • repeat on the other side

I hope you enjoyed this poses, as always if you have any question, comment or request feel free to share them down below.



Best parental yoga DVD’s – use yoga to relax and stay healthy during pregnancy

“Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.”

–Ani DiFranco

First of all if you’re reading this post I can assume you’re either pregnant or considering it, so congratulations!Yoga is amazing for both body and mind so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s highly recommended as the go-to exercise during pregnancy. During this delicate time taking care of our body becomes even more important as all we do, think, drink or eat can influence the development of the fetus.

Supermodels such as Miranda Kerr use yoga during the pregnancy to keep healthy, happy and to fight the pains and discomfort that come with being pregnant.

What’s the difference between parental yoga’s and the regular one?

Parental yoga has all the benefits of the regular one but it has been specifically modified to safely prepare the body to give birth, it strengthens the pelvis and the uterus, stretch the muscles, improve circulation, reduce stress and discomfort and it includes a variety of breathing exercises that can come handy during labor.

Is it a good idea if I’ve Never done Yoga before?


definitely! Yoga is a soft practice and it’s aim is to raise your self awareness and relaxation, it has nothing to do with flexibility or fitness level. Pregnancy is actually an amazing time to start as usually is a stressful time and we tend to feel constant discomfort in our body. There are many asanas you can do even in the last months and every position can be modified to accommodate your new body’s needs and limitations.



Yoga is one of the safest, gentler form of exercise but our body go through intense changes during pregnancy so before joining a class or practicing it at home I recommend you consult with your physician.

Other general safety measures you can take are :

  • limit your practice to a maximum of 30 minutes, take regular breaks if necessary
  • Make sure you’re well fed before to start your practice, bring some snacks with you
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Do not do anything you don’t feel you are ready for, even for the practice itself is gentle trust your body, it knows what is good for it and what’s not
  • Keep focusing on your breath, if you feel like you are struggling don’t be shy, just take a break

Classes or DVD ?

Both can be very effective methods it all depends on what you’re looking for

Taking classes is obviously more expensive and it can be a hassle especially in the last few months when you feel like you don’t want to leave the house at all, there are also many benefits like having a certified teacher keep an eye on you and the support of a future moms community.

There are also many DVD’s out there with safe and certified exercises, it’s nice to be able to do them in your own time and in the comfort of your home.

Anyway you decide to do it prenatal yoga is an awesome practice that can make you feel happier, more relaxed and prepare your mind and your body for what’s ahead.

Here is a list of the best and cheapest DVD’s you can buy to get you started:

Yoga During Pregnancy – without Yoga Experience(DVD)

Pregnancy Yoga with Tara Lee [DVD]

As always feel free to drop a message or a request or to share your experience

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